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DigitalSummit.TV is a game and interactive development studio formed by indie artists and technologists who see new possibilities in integrating storytelling, instructional design, gaming, VR, AR, Mobile, and art. As developers of the FranknSon properties, DigitalSummit.TV’s talented core team members are producing engaging interactive books, games, eLearning, and animations that will follow the emerging trends in storytelling, education, games, AI, Virtual & Augmented Reality and interactive books. DigitalSummit.TV is committed to creating high-quality, innovative, iBooks, games, and software for the emerging VR, AR, AI, digital and mobile platforms.


Telling a great story when you are teaching, explaining a product, or just getting your point across can be hard. Using video, Virtual & Augmented Reality, & new media can help you tell your story. However, if you are not a video expert, you may feel you need to start a new career... Here is where we can help.

Social Media & Great Presentations

We can help you create engaging presentations and Social Media Videos.

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Instructional design

We can help you create engaging learning solutions (live, synchronous, or asynchronous).

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Webinar, and Speakers on the Digital Realm

We conduct webinars and can speak to your organization on digital media and trending education subjects. We have spoken at various Computer Shows, Events and Conferences.

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Branded Games & 2D/3D Animations

We can create branded iPhone/Android mobile games for your e-learning gamification strategy. We can also create 2D/3D animations, Titles & Motion Graphics, and Visual Effects that will enhance your videos /help with branding your message.

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VR & Video Production

Whether you are launching a new product, a new service, or promoting a new program, we can help you create your custom Youtube videos (single- camera interview style, demo videos, multi-camera productions). We will assist you with creating a storyboard from your initial concept to creating the final production video.

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VR & AR Mobile Apps

We can help create Apps for your business or organization. Whether you need an iPhone/Android app to showcase your 360 VR videos, training, or marketing, we can help you.

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The best thing is when our work becomes part of our client's success


We are a group of indie artists, educators and technologists who see new possibilities in integrating storytelling, education, VR, AR, video, and the arts. We are producing engaging interactive videos, games, eLearning, and animations that will follow the emerging trends in storytelling and instructional design.

Orlando Rivera

Interactive Media Director

Orlando is a digital Architect/Developer with Web, Video & Streaming, Interactive Media & VR/AR, Mobile, and education experience. Orlando has also been a Visual Effects Supervisor for feature films and shorts. He has developed games & business apps for AT&T, IBM, and ADP.

Maria T. Rivera M.A.Ed

Education & Video Director

Maria has over 12+ years experience in training and development and digital video. She has developed blended training solutions for various industries including pharmaceutical, real estate, and government agencies. She is also a member of the National Speakers Association.

David Rivera

Lead Developer

David is a digital Developer with mobile, Web, Video, photography, Interactive Media, and education experience. He has also been a Visual Effects lead for feature films and shorts.

  • I would be honored to collaborate with Orlando on a project in the future and I would most definitely recommend...

    - Ramzan Lakhani

    Film Producer.

  • Thank you again for your wealth of knowledge and expertise.

    - Yalitza Torres

    Principal Of Jerome Dunn Academy.

  • A real team player is the one who can understand the constraints in front of him and still excel towards quality

    - Arun Vaidyanathan

    Feature Film Director

  • The experience to work with Maria was Awesome!

    - Yasin (Yaz) Samat

    Y. Samat Real Estate Inc.

  • Working with Orlando, Maria, and David has been a real life changer.

    - Kelly Garcia

    Teacher at Manhattan Bridges High School